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The Green Harvest Garden Shop

Open for mail order and click, pay and collect sales only. The Retail shop and Incredible Edible Display Gardens are still closed, sorry but all sales must be via phone or our website.

Phone: 07 54357000

9 Gumland Drive, Witta via Maleny Queensland 4552

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Seasons in the subtropics as seen at the Incredible Edible Display Garden

Visiting the Incredible Edible Garden inspires gardeners of all ages with the sheer diversity of food plants that can be grown. Many of the plants are labelled so that its primary use can be identified. Like all gardens it has a seasonal ebb and flow.

Late autumn and early winter (May, June, July) is a major sowing time in the subtropics for peas, root vegetables, leafy greens, onions, garlic and beautiful heirloom cabbages, cauliflower and colourful silverbeet. The herbaceous perennials such as turmeric, ginger and yacon are beginning to yellow and die back. The summer seed crops are being harvested from plants that can look pretty shabby by the time the seed is ripe. Green manure crops are sown and thick mulch applied.

Early spring (August, September, October) is when the heirloom cool season winter veges reach their peak and are ready for harvest. The bee forage plants and good bug nectar flowers are in full swing, filling the garden with colour and fragrance. The first sowing of warm season tomatoes, capsicums, chillies, beans, cucumbers and zucchinis are going into a warmer soil. Late spring is the time for a second sowing of temperate veges such as beans and zucchini, with an emphasis on disease resistant heirlooms that can cope with increasing temperature and humidity.

Early summer (November, December, January) is the second subtropical spring, when the soil temperature is high enough to sow subtropical vegetables that will produce food through the hot humid wet season to follow and many flourish for years. This is when our substitution strategy comes into its own. As the bean crops develop rust or are attacked by bean fly mid-summer, the snake beans sown now will begin to produce. The silverbeet may be starting to suffer from the increased humidity but the kangkong and Ceylon spinach will fill the gap.

By late summer (February, March, April) the garden is lush, green and abundant with the edible perennials coming into their own. A truly subtropical edible landscape with so much to eat. Rain fall can be very heavy. Here are some of the unusual plants you might see and we recommend for you: seeds for hot and humid areas.

Like the garden the boutique nursery changes with heat, rain, humidity dictating what plants you see in the gardens and are for sale to take home.

On display in our shop, 1.5 hours north of Brisbane
  • a wide range of heirloom vegetable, herb and flower seeds, seeds for soil improvement, green manures and sprouting seeds
  • rare edible plants in mini pots or tubestock are available seasonally with new varieties being added every week. Check our Edible Plant Shop to see the range
  • Australia's widest range of organic pest controls and exclusion products will help you achieve spray-free fruit to feed the family rather than the local wildlife
  • good quality tools, from trowels, spades, loppers, secateurs to grafters
  • all sorts of propagation equipment, some not generally available to the home gardener
  • poultry products - from feeders and waterers, DE for pest control, Clucker Tucker seed mix and seaweed nutritional supplements
  • knowledgeable staff are happy to assist with all your garden needs, plant suitability, health and care.

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