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The maximum total postage and handling is only $10.95 (QLD) or $11.95 (all other states) or $6.95 for up to 100 standard packets of seed.

Information for Commercial Growers, Seed Resellers and Promotional Products

Seed to WA: A $4.50 Quarantine Fee will be charged for all seed orders to WA. Green Harvest is sharing the cost of the quarantine fee with all our WA customers. Read more...

Green Harvest only offers seed at commercially discounted prices in 4 ways:
Please Note: We do not offer vegetable, herb or flower seed (except for Good Bug Mix) in packets discounted for resellers.

Organically Certified Seed
We are committed to safeguarding your health and that of the planet. We are proud to be an organically certified seed wholesaler #4001W, with Australian Certified Organic (View our Organic Certificate - 122KB), which allows us to pack and process seed and still maintain its organic certification and integrity.
All organic seeds are clearly marked = Australian Certified Organic 4001W. Many of the non-organic seeds are grown by us or a network of small growers, using natural methods. We will supply, on request, a letter of derogation or non-treatment of seed (View Sample Letter - 42KB).

Seed Quality
Specialising in organic and untreated (UT) high quality seed with a guaranteed viability and purity. Germination testing is carried out on a regular basis to check that the viability of seed is being maintained throughout the year. We guarantee our seeds 100% within 1 year of purchase - to the purchase price only. More information about our seed.

Bulk Seed
Special orders are welcome with 6-8 weeks notice; larger quantities available on request.
All bulk seed is listed in the All Available Seed list. Or instead you may use the Grower's Seed List - 138KB. The grower's seed list is updated every 15 minutes. Seed, depending on type, is listed in 2g, 5g, 10g, 25g, 50g, 100g, 250g 500g or 1kg quantities. The maximum total postage and handling is only $10.95 (QLD) or $11.95 (all other states), by ordinary parcel post. Express postage may be possible (additional fees will apply), but this is a phone service only, please call 1800 681014 to discuss. Please pay attention to state quarantine and do not order seeds that cannot be sent to your state or territory.

Sprouting Seed for Resellers
Sprouting seed for resale cannot be ordered online. Instead email us to receive an order form and then fax or email it back to us. Please note the Conditions of Sale on the order form. All resellers must have an ABN. Postage and handling fees will apply.

Many Green Harvest customers who buy our seeds for sprouting, or who are interested in reselling our range of sprouting and microgreen seeds have written to us asking for clarification as to why seeds sold for sprouting attract GST, since they might be considered to be a food product. The Australian Taxation Office ruling on this issue is that they do attract GST because they require processing (sprouting) and so are not considered to be categorised as "food for human consumption". The following is from the ATO website:

If a supply of something is not for human consumption, it is not food. Even though produce may be supplied for human consumption there are exclusions from the definition of food that may also need to be considered. These exclusions can prevent produce from meeting the definition of food. For pulses, the relevant definition is: 'any grain, cereal or sugar cane that has not been subject to any process or treatment resulting in an alteration of its form, nature or condition.' The word 'grain' is not defined in the GST act and therefore takes it ordinary meaning. Although 'grain' most commonly implies the edible seeds of cereal, it can also apply to other hard seeds, such as sunflower seeds, linseed, rapeseed (canola) and dried pulses.

More detail can be found can be found on the ATO website: GSTB 2001/1 Pulses supplied as food for human consumption

Good Bug Mix
Good Bug Mix is a unique, environmentally-friendly flowering seed mix. It suits a wide range of gardening styles and is very easy to grow. It addresses the issue of over-use of pesticides and the increasing chemical residues in the environment by fostering public awareness of the existence of beneficial insects as a natural biological control for pest insects. We offer a resellers price to nurseries and health food shops for resale. It is also available as a fundraiser for community groups such as gardening clubs, organic growing groups and permaculture groups. Minimum purchase is 25 packets and a display box is available. To order please call 1800 68 10 14 and ask for a Good Bug Mix wholesale price. More information about Good Bug Mix.

Promotional Seed Packets
A 'sample size' packet of seed is available for sale with prior approval. Minimum purchase of 100 packs of 1 type applies. This smaller sample pack has been creatively used by businesses: as a bonus or free gift to customers with a purchase; to include in a 'sample bag'; as a thank you for continued patronage; as an introductory membership offer. Individuals have included them in wedding or other party favour packs. Please call Barbara (ph 07 54357080) to discuss which seed is currently available for this.

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We guarantee our seeds to the value of the purchase price. We are happy to replace the seeds, give you a credit or refund, whichever you prefer. Other than our guarantee to the extent of the purchase price Green Harvest gives no other warranty expressed or implied. No liability will be accepted by Green Harvest, its owners or employees as to the accuracy of any information. No responsibility will be taken for damage to property or persons due to information given about a product or technique. No responsibility will be taken for the loss of a crop or income due to information given about a product or technique.
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