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Aquamiser   Coco Fibre   Dibber   Dibber, Widger and Label Set   Drip Tray   Electric Propagator   Heated Propagation Tray   Mini Propagator   Plant Cutting Powder   Pot Maker   Propagating Heat Mat   Propagation Kit   Propagating Thermometer   Punnet Propagator  
Seed Raising Block   Seed Sower   Seedling Tray   48 Cell Growing Tray  
This sturdy propagation and seed raising kit is the best we have seen. The self-watering tray connects the poly tubing to a 2 litre drink bottle. The sponges in the base of each compartment then provide a constant moisture level for 8 pots. At the same time you can use the 8 other pots to germinate seeds. All 16 pots come with an adjustable clear cover to increase humidity and keep the warmth in, essentials for quick plant growth. Length 550 mm, width 280 mm, depth of tray 50 mm, height of tray with pot 140 mm.
Contains in total:
1 moulded watering tray, 8 sponges
1 metre of 4 mm polytube
1 automatic watering valve
8 watering sponges
8 saucers
16 x 130 mm green pots
16 plastic humidifying pot covers
16 plant tags
Coco Fibre
Coco fibre syn. coir fibre is the green alternative to peat. Coco fibre products are made from the shell of coconuts. They are a renewable, natural product free from genetic modification and are acceptable for organic growing.

Seed Raising Block
Included in our: Propagation Kit and Microgreens Kit.
Just add water to this 1 kg block and within minutes you'll have 15 litres of seed raising mix. It is also valuable to add to potting mix or compost. Although the coconut is sustainable managed this is not a certified organic product. N: 16 (present as ammonium, nitrate, urea) P: 3 K: 12.5 and also contains essential micro-nutrients (sulphur, magnesium, iron, boron, manganese and zinc). Fills 4 Seedling Trays or 8 Microgreen Trays and is also useful for striking cuttings.
TP181minimum 1 block
TP189 minimum 3 blocks

Coir Peat Brick
These 100% coco bricks have so many uses. When added to soil they will substantially improve structure, break up hard clay and increase water holding capacity in sandy soils for up to 5 years. Great for worm farms, add to potting mix for baskets and containers, mix into trees holes, top dress pot plants and use for propagation of cuttings. One brick expands up to 9 litres when water is added.
TP198minimum 1 brick
TP199minimum 5 bricks

More coco fibre products...
Great for planting seeds and bulbs in pots or prepared soil. Measurements, up to 100mm (4"), shown on the side of the tool insure that you plant at the correct depth every time. Made from a sturdy rigid, one piece, plastic that will give you many years of use.
Dibber, Widger and Label Set
Set Includes:
  • 1 widger to lift seedlings carefully and gingerly out of a tray
  • 1 dibber used to make holes in growing media for seeds and small plants
  • 1 pack of 25: 127 mm long plant labels with pencil.
Drip Tray
A durable solid tray, will fit Seedling Trays or 2 Microgreen Trays or 48 Cell Trays. Used to contain water and potting mix spills. Included with our Heated Propagation Tray. Dimensions: 350 mm long x 290 mm wide x 55 mm deep.

TP195minimum 1 tray
TP196minimum 10 trays
Electric Heaters
Grow your plants bigger, better, stronger, faster and healthier in any season with electric-heat. By warming the soil and keeping consistent warmth at the root zone you will speed up seed germination and the striking of cuttings. You will have better control of growing conditions, giving your seedlings and cuttings a head start as soil temperature is the limiting factor in germination of many seeds. Also popular to keep valuable plants alive in colder conditions. The main factors in selecting one of these units is: Scale of operation; Tray or pot sizes; Heating capacity. None of these units are supplied with a thermostat control.
Electric Propagator
Get optimum seed-raising results by using this all-in-one heated propagator. This compact unit includes a sealed heating unit, durable base, 2 seedling trays, capillary wicking mat to hold water and maintain a moist atmosphere and a clear lid with adjustable vents. It runs at approximately 10C above the ambient temperature; humidity and temperature can be controlled using the vents. The unit is 250 mm wide, 390 mm long, tray is 60 mm deep and 200 mm high when the lid is on. Seed trays are 220 mm x 170 mm x 50 mm; 240 Volt/12 Watt.

Heated Propagation Tray
This heating element guarantees even heat distribution, ensuring direct heat penetration to the roots of the plant. The 9 watt tray ensures low operating costs (from less than 1 cent per hour!) and runs at approximately 10C above ambient temperature. It is designed for use with a standard Seedling Tray. When used with the Green Harvest Mini Propagator, it creates a mini-greenhouse effect, providing ideal growing conditions and optimum propagating results. Because heat is provided to the root zone, excess warm moist air condenses on the top of the clear dome cover and drips down to the young plant. Includes a Drip Tray for indoor use.
Dimensions: 300 mm x 400 mm; comes with two year manufacturer's warranty. Manufacturer's operating instructions (103KB)
Propagating Heat Mat
This flexible, waterproof heating mat heats up to 32C and being flat with no lip or tray suits all pots sizes. For the ultimate in flexibility consider putting 2 end to end or joining 4 to make a bigger pad. With this set up you can control how many units you have running and get that extra bit of heat that other styles do not have. As it sheds water if used indoors consider adding one of our drip trays to hold your pots. Dimensions: 350 mm x 250 mm. TP190
TP191 minimum 3 per order
Mini Propagator
This propagator gives you the best chance of raising your own seed or cuttings successfully! The sturdy, clear plastic lid with three vents fits snugly over the 290 x 340 mm seedling tray to create a stable, warm and humid environment. Allows for plants to grow 190 mm tall.

TP129 minimum 5 per order
Plant Cutting Powder
Allows you to strike a wide range of cuttings. One packet does approximately 600 plants. Directions are included.

Pot Maker
Make your own pots from newspaper using this long lasting wooden tool. Simply cut newspaper into 90 x 250 mm strips, roll around handle and press into base to crimp the bottom. No need for glue, tape or staples. Ideal for seeds and cuttings as you plant the whole pot and reduce transplant shock. Finished pot size is 50 x 50 mm.

TP194 minimum 3 per order
TP163 minimum 10 per order
Propagating Thermometer
Ensure your seed-raising medium is at optimum temperature for seed germination. Insert the thermometer to a depth of 50 - 75 mm; check the temperature after 3 minutes. Complete with suggested germination temperatures for common flowers and vegetables. 145 mm long; non-mercury indicating liquid. Temperature range -30 to 50 degrees C; -20 to 120 degrees F.

Propagation Kit
1 Seed Raising Block
1 Mini Propagator
25 Jiffy Pellets
1 x 48 Cell Tray
50 Labels + Pencil
4 Jiffy Grow Blocks
25 Jiffy Square pots
TP182 Save $7.90
Punnet Propagator
This small propagator that will fit on a windowsill. It includes a seed raising tray with 12 flexible cells for easy seedling removal; a drip tray and a sturdy, clear plastic lid that fits snugly over the base. 190 mm long x 140 mm wide x 110 mm high.

Seed Sower
  • Sow seeds evenly
  • Reduces need to thin out seedlings
  • Adjusts for different seed sizes
Seedling Tray
This durable 290 x 340 mm black plastic tray is ideal for holding recycled pots, jiffy plant starters, homemade paper pots, 48 cell tray or for direct sowing of seed or wheatgrass. It also fits the Mini Propagator or 8 standard punnets.

TT101 minimum 10 per order
48 Cell Growing Tray
Designed to fit the Mini Propagator. Fill cells with seed raising mix, plant your seed and when ready to transplant squeeze base to remove entire root ball and plant out with no transplant shock. 48 Cell Growing Trays fit neatly into the Seedling Trays for added support. Each tray holds approximately 4.3 litres of seed raising mix.
TT103 minimum 5 per order
TT104 minimum 10 per order
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A book with practical information on propagation and seed raising is:
The Seed Savers Handbook
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