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A fact sheet on the organic control of fruit fly is included with your first fruit fly control order.
Benefits of Exclusion Products
How to fence the pests out!
Exclusion is a delightfully simple organic strategy that relies on preventing access by fruit fly, codling moth, possums and birds to the fruit or vegetable you want to protect. In many situations it is much easier than spraying. It can mean covering:
  • the entire plant,
  • clusters of fruit, or
  • individual pieces of fruit.
The benefits are:
  • a once only application,
  • efficient use of time,
  • no sprays needed, and
  • 'kill 2 birds with 1 stone' as it may also solve problems with birds and possums, depending on your exclusion choice.
The main choices for exclusion are either: If in place early enough all of these will exclude fruit fly, codling moth and birds. Possums respond to smell and depending on the season and conditions in the local area may attempt and succeed in tearing open some of the exclusion products. It helps to remove any over-ripe fruit from the area.
Exclusion Bag Sampler
Not sure which exclusion product to choose?

Includes: PE188 Save $6.55

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which fruit bag or sleeve do I choose?
A. The short answer is that they all work and it is worth trying a few to see which suits your situation best. We often end up with several types of bags and sleeves on the one tree! All bags; Mesh Bags, PestGuard Bags, Paper Exclusion Bags and Fruit Protection Bags are an organic solution to protect fruit from fruit fly. Fruit Protection Bags are the easiest to use on fruits with either no stem or a very short stem, such as figs or some stone fruit. Mesh Sleeves are very quick and easy to apply over clumping fruit like plums, lychees or loquats. Apple Pouches are a good choice to protect against codling moth. PestGuard Bags have been specifically designed around the size of tomato bunches. Mesh Bags and Sleeves also offer protection from birds and possums. Fruit bats will suck the fruit through any bag, so additional protection such as netting may be needed. Check the size of the bag to make sure the mature fruit will fit.

Q. How do I use it?
A. Early in the season, thin any fruit that requires it. Then simply place a bag over each remaining fruit or clusters of fruit. Tie on, taking care to avoid knots that will be hard to undo later.

Q. Which bag lasts the longest?
All bags will last longer than one season if treated with care. Mesh sleeves and bags are the most durable.

Q. Will my fruit ripen when covered?
A. Yes, it may also be larger and sweeter.

Q. When do I put the bag or cover on?
A. As soon as the fruit is pollinated i.e. when the flower petals drop. Some fruits, like tomatoes and capsicums, are self-pollinated and can be covered any time.

More detail on exclusion products including shade factors
Build A Frame
Designed to create cages and frames for your garden to support shade cloth, bird net or exclusion fabric. This clever design uses standard hardwood 25 mm (1") 'tomato stakes' commonly available in 1.8 m, 2.2 m and 2.4 m lengths. The heavy duty 28 x 28 mm powder coated and welded steel square tubes are pre-drilled and can be configured as a 3 way corner or 4 way joiner. Square-off end of stake prior to inserting in tubes. 2 packs plus eighteen 2.2 m long stakes (not supplied) will make a frame of approx. H 2 m x L 6 m x W 2 m. 1 pack plus eight 2.2 m long stakes (not supplied) will make a frame of approx. H 2 m x L 2 m x W 2 m. Pack of 4 joiners and screws.
PE197 minimum 3 per order

Cloth Fruit Bags
Cloth bags are usually strong enough to protect fruit from marauding possums and birds. Fruit bats may manage to suck the fruit through the bag. These bags are sturdy washable calico cloth with a drawstring. Cloth bags have the disadvantage of staying moist longer after rain, so they are a better choice in less humid climates or dry seasons. Size 200 mm x 300 mm. Product supplied as individual bags.
PE193 minimum 100 per order

Easy Tunnel with Net
This frame and net are one-piece and so provide quick and easy, chemical-free, protection for a bed of veges or rows of seedlings. Keep chooks, wild birds, fruit fly, aphids, cabbage white butterflies, grasshoppers, leaf hoppers and other flying insects away from your plants while still letting air, water and sunlight through. The cover is attached to the arched supports and opens up like a concertina: simply push the feet of the supports into the soil then use the drawstrings at each end to close the tunnel. Provides shading from strong sunlight primarily but also will help to keep hail, possums and light frost off your tender young plants. Expands to 3 m long, 450 mm high, 600 mm wide. Suitable for warm temperate, subtropical and tropical climates.
The following 3 photos are for assembly illustration purposes only. The fabric we supply is the green net, as described above.

Fruit Protection Bags
Paper Exclusion Bag that is easier to use for stone fruit including peaches, nectarines, plums and apricots. Often these fruit have a very little stem or no stem at all, which can make other exclusion bags more difficult to use. This horticultural waxed-paper bag is specifically designed to attach around the lateral branch rather than the fruit stem. 200 mm x 150 mm. Pack of 25.

PE151 minimum 4 per order
PE152 minimum 21 per order
Fruit Saver and Veggie Saver Net
Protects your fruit from all pests. A tent-shaped net designed for covering trees. The overlapped door panel allows for easy access to your crop and can be closed with pegs. Can be placed directly over a tree, gathered around the trunk and tied closed. If you construct a frame, from bamboo or polypipe, it gives you the advantage of holding the net off the fruit and foliage. This gives greater protection from birds and flying foxes and less likelihood of snagging or tearing. Made from white, UV-stabilised, woven monofilament HDPE 2 mm netting, 50 gsm, 18% shade factor.

H 1.5 m x W 1.0 m for young or potted fruit trees and small container beds.

H 2.0 m x W 2.0 m perfect for smaller trees and shrubs.

H 2.5 m x W 2.5 m for fruit trees pruned to 2 m maximum height to allow for new growth and ease of picking fruit.
Jumbo Peg Clamps
Specialised pegs that will hold your choice of fabric: shadecloth, Vege Net, bird net or plastic sheeting, in place on your choice of rounded support structure: polypipe, bamboo or steel pole, 50 mm maximum diameter. Pack of 4.

PE149 minimum 9 per order
Harvest Protection Kit
Protect garden beds, individual or plant groupings, single or clusters of fruit from pest and temperature extremes. Includes:
PE177 Save $20.00
Mesh Exclusion
This innovative product is made of durable, UV resistant fly screen. It is tied closed with an attached long lasting 'brickies string'. Complete protection from fruit fly is assured when the fruit does not rest against the material. These bags may also provide protection from birds and possums. Fruit bats may manage to suck the fruit through the bag.

Mesh Sleeve
This sleeve, open at both ends, is designed to slide along a branch and protect heavy bearing fruit that is hard to cover and tie individually, like plums and apricots. Sleeves can be overlapped and offer a cost effective option to full tree coverage.

Small Mesh Sleeves 600 mm x 300 mm
PE112 minimum 10 per order
PE113 minimum 50 per order
PE114 minimum 100 per order

Large Mesh Sleeves 900 mm x 350 mm
PE156 minimum 10 per order
PE157 minimum 30 per order

Jumbo Mesh Sleeves 1200 mm x 300 mm
PE195 minimum 5 per order
Mesh Bags
The smaller bag suits any individual or small clustering fruit while the larger size would suit fruit with several pieces closer to the end of a branch (loquat, mango, lychee etc).

Small Mesh Bags 300 mm x 300 mm
PE132 minimum 10 per order
PE133 minimum 30 per order

Large Mesh Bags 600 mm x 500 mm
PE135 minimum 10 per order
PE136 minimum 30 per order
Paper Exclusion Bags
These horticultural waxed-paper fruit bags with a built-in twist-tie come in 2 sizes; the smaller size is suitable for grapes, nectarines, peaches and persimmons, the larger size for mangoes.
These bags are not strong enough to cope with a hungry possum or fruit bat!
Please note: the small gap at the bottom of the exclusion bag is for drainage and does not allow fruit fly to enter or in any way affect the bag's effectiveness.

Small Paper Exclusion Bags 190 mm x 250 mm
PE185 minimum 4 per order

Large Paper Exclusion Bags 220 mm x 320 mm
PE187 minimum 4 per order
Our area seems to be infested with fruit flies from late September and up to last year it had been impossible to grow unaffected large-fruiting tomatoes, even when I sowed them in July! We put the Exclusion Bags over every raceme of fruit, tying them off with the covered wires around the stem. Being enclosed like that also seemed to cause them to ripen more quickly. How pleased we were to eat unmarred Peach, Pineapple, Red Colossus and Pink Queen tomatoes for the first time from our own bushes. The bags proved waterproof and reusable several times over.
Jude Fanton, Director, The Seed Savers' Foundation
PestGuard Bags are THE organic tomato solution!
With this unique product, designed by Green Harvest, you will be able to protect your tomato bunches from many of the major pests including fruit fly and tomato grub. PestGuard Bags are made of spun bonded polypropylene that is UV stable, however, it is still considered to have an 'in-use' life of only 1-3 years. Air, water and foliar-based fertilisers will penetrate the white gauze-like fabric, which has a 20% shade factor, much lower than shadecloth. Slip the lightweight 300 x 300 mm bag on and close with the attached tie to protect the entire tomato bunch. Please note these bags are not strong enough to cope with a hungry possum or fruit bat! Product is supplied as a Pack of 10.
PE101 minimum 5 per order
PE102 minimum 10 per order
PE137 minimum 100 per order
This exclusion fabric is the best choice for attaching to a frame for longer term protection.
It is an exciting development in crop protection, giving you the ability to keep out fruit fly, fruit piercing moth, other flying insects and birds. It is made of durable, woven, white HDPE monofilament; UV stabilised (5 year manufacturer warranty) with a 27% shade factor.

PlantGuard Medium 6 x 6 m
Please note: this large square of PlantGuard has a bare edge with no edging material or grommets.

PlantGuard Large 10 x 10 m
Please note: this large square of PlantGuard has a bare edge with no edging material or grommets. This size will cover a tree up to 2.5 m tall, or a garden structure.
Vege Net
The newest and best netting so far! Protect your fruit and veges from fruit fly, fruit piercing moth, other flying insects, birds and extremes of cold and heat. Vege Net is made of durable, knitted, white HDPE (high density polyethylene) monofilament; UV stabilised (5 year manufacturer warranty) with a 21% shade factor.
This 'throwover' net is not edged and can be cut to size as needed. As it is lighter weight than the PlantGuard most plants will push it up as they grow, thereby making a frame less necessary. Versatility, longevity and affordable price make this net a must have for frost, shade or pest protection. Hole size is approximately 2 x 1 mm. No rolls available; comes in 3 pre-cut sizes.

Dimensions: 5 x 2.87 m
PE167 minimum 6 per order
PE178 minimum 15 per order

VEGE NET - new larger sizes
Dimensions: 6 x 10 m and 6 x 20 m
Uses of Exclusion Fabrics
  • on a frame, protecting fruit from fruit fly,
  • protecting tomatoes and capsicums from fruit fly,
  • protecting strawberries from birds,
  • protecting cabbage, broccoli etc from caterpillars,
  • protecting seedlings in early spring from frost,
  • protecting lettuces from summer heat,
  • reducing transplant shock in seedlings, and
  • reducing heat stress in the summer garden.
FREE fact sheet on organic control of fruit flies is included with all fruit fly products.

More information on organic fruit fly control...

Photo courtesy Jan D. of Beaudesert

Covering garden beds with Vege Nets or PlantGuard will protect crops from birds, possums and fruit fly.

This brochure is from an organisation that wants people to use Wildlife Friendly Netting (2MB).

Buy Fruit Saver Net
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Meets National Organic Standards - products with either ingredients permitted for use in organic farms or acceptable cultural strategies for pest control. This standard is detailed in the Australian Certified Organic Standard (ACOS) 2010 as defined by Standards Australia. Organic growers should always check with their own certifying organisation for the acceptability of any product.
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