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Welcome to your comprehensive Australian source of organic gardening supplies. We want to encourage the growing of food within our communities, our schools and our gardens.

Organic Seeds
Herbs, flowers, vegetable, cover-crops, green manures, fruit trees, shrubs and vines.
Edible Plants
Green Harvest specialises in a range of rare, perennial food plants for Australian gardeners. Now is a great time to plant Saffron,
Leafy Greens and Tamarind.
Pest Control
We bring to you the safest, least toxic, proven organic solutions to pest problems in the garden or home.
We use our expertise as organic gardeners and horticulturalists to pre-select for you the best books on any topic.
Tools, Propagation and Fertiliser
Buying quality tools makes good ecological and economic sense.
Sprouts and Microgreens
Here you can find everything you need to grow sprouts and microgreens.
Poultry Supplies
Equipment, forage seeds, feed supplements and books that will make poultry keeping easier.
We all like a bargain, this is where you can browse our specials, kits and reduced sale items.

Summer Green Notes
Choko - The Most Unappreciated Vegetable In Australia
Chokos are commonly regarded as a boring vegetable; this mainly stems from ignorance about the correct time to harvest. Start your harvest early by steaming the tender shoots and young leaves. Then pick the small, egg-sized chokos; these are simply delicious, with more flavour than most zucchinis. Steam them whole without peeling, chokos this size can be eaten raw, just like a cucumber. A visitor from Mexico was horrified that we would even consider eating the bigger ones; apparently in Mexico they simply split them open to remove the nutritious and tasty seeds and feed the rest to the cows. Chokos are native to the subtropics, perennial, very hardy, pest and disease free and so abundant. To plant a choko, all you need is a mature fruit from a kind neighbour or simply buy one from a fruit and vege shop. Keep it in the pantry until it sprouts and then dig a hole 12 cm deep. lay the choko on its side and cover with soil.
View Summer Green Notes
Now available for planting: Garlic, Feijoa, Saffron and Katuk.
Coming Soon
Edible Plants: Blueberries, Ugni - Chilean Guava, Strawberries and Seed Potatoes.
Pests: Cockroach and Clothes Moth.
Australian Organic Schools
Partners: Australian Organic and Green Harvest Garden Planning Pack
Thank you for such prompt action on my first order with your company. May I also say how pleased I am to receive all the information you forwarded. It was a tremendous help, and certainly needed by someone who is new to gardening, as I am. Again, thank you to everyone associated with selecting, packaging, and posting my order. It is a delight to find an efficient, caring group of people who excel at their job.
Jeannette of Woodridge QLD

Fitted Insect Net For Trees
Protect your fruit from all pests! This round one-piece, dome-shape formed net is designed for covering fruit trees up to 2.5 m tall. The sides overlap 600 mm to provide a door which allows for easy access to your crop. Can be placed directly over a tree, gathered around the trunk and tied closed, or use weights to hold it in place. Longevity of this fabric is increased by placing the net over a frame (star pickets with poly pipe is most common) which gives you the advantage of holding the net off the fruit and foliage, and allows the tree to grow without getting tangled up in the net. This also gives greater protection from birds and flying foxes, and less likelihood of snagging or tearing when installing (as soon as fruit is set) or removing (as soon as the crop is fully harvested). Store clean and out of sunlight to extend its useable life. Top panel is 2.4 m diameter with side panels giving you a 2.89 m total height. Made from the same material as the Vege Net: white, UV-stabilised, woven HDPE 2 mm netting, 45 gsm, 21% shade factor. Used to protect crops from insect infestation, sunburn, birds, pests, and temperature extremes.
PE210minimum 4 per order

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