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Eggplant syn. aubergine, brinjal
Solanum melongena
Eggplant is well worth growing, for the range of ethnic dishes it can be used in, its productiveness and the sheer beauty of the glossy fruit. They are attractive plants with grey-green leaves and pretty lilac flowers. It is a warm season annual, requiring a long growing season of 5 months frost-free. Seed needs a warm soil to germinate so in cooler areas it needs to be started inside either with a bottom heat propagator, on a warm window sill or the top of a hot water system. It germinates best between 23 - 28C. Sow in early spring in temperate and subtropical areas; sow all year in the tropics; eggplants are short-lived perennials in tropical areas. Although suitable for temperate, subtropical and tropical areas, small-fruited cultivars such as 'Little Finger' and 'Snowy' are a better choice in cold areas as they begin to crop earlier. Sow eggplant 5 - 8 mm deep into seedling pots; seed takes 10 - 14 days to germinate. Use liquid fertiliser once germinated and transplant when all danger of frost has passed and the soil is warm. Transplanting into a cold soil will set seedlings back and the leaves may yellow. Space plants in a block 60 cm apart in full sun, in rich soil and stake. Prepare soil with compost or well-rotted manure, feed regularly with liquid manure, mulch well. Keep well watered, moisture stress causes bitterness. When plants reach 15 - 20cm in height, pinch out the tips to encourage branching. Pinching out the tips again at 38 - 40cm will encourage fruit formation. Well-grown plants can reach 60 - 90 cm tall. Staking may be necessary for some types. Pick the fruit before the seeds turn brown and while the skin is still shiny and firm.
Eggplant 'Black Beauty'
Heirloom variety introduced in 1902, the fruits are dark purple and glossy with an excellent flavour. Fruits are 25 cm long and may weigh up to 1 kg. Black Beauty is a reliable, early and prolific bearer. Days to harvest:73 - 80.
SE100 approx. 80 seeds
SE120 approx. 1000 seeds
Eggplant 'Early Long Purple' UT
'Early Long Purple' is a quick maturing heirloom, producing attractive, long, slender, dark purple fruit. Full size is 25 cm x 8 cm but it is best harvested younger at 20 cm by 5 cm for very tender, tasty fruit. Each plant produces 8 or more fruit. Good choice for cooler climates with a short growing season. Days to harvest:70 - 80.
SE135 approx. 80 seeds
SE133 approx. 1000 seeds
Eggplant 'Golden Egg' UT
'Golden Egg' is an open-pollinated, highly ornamental eggplant that is also delicious. The fruit are round, egg-shaped and ripen from pearl-coloured to golden yellow. Best flavour is before fruit turns yellow. It is faster to bear fruit and much more productive than larger eggplant. Suitable for container growing, even as a house plant in strong light or in a flower border. Days to harvest: 60.
SE132 approx. 80 seeds
Eggplant 'Greek' UT
Syn. 'Tsakoniki'
This is a very attractive, Greek eggplant, light purple in colour with white striping. The fruit is 22 - 24 cm long, cylindrical in shape. It is very tender with an underlying sweetness, ideal to make moussaka.
SE123 approx. 80 seeds
SE124 approx. 1000 seeds
Eggplant 'Little Finger' H
Open-pollinated, glossy, dark purple eggplant; early maturing and prolific over a long season; long 15-20 cm fruit are produced in clusters of 3-6 fruit; easy to pick, plants are spineless. Robust plants hold the fruit up off the ground. Days to harvest: 68.
SE102 approx. 80 seeds
SE121 approx. 1000 seeds
Eggplant 'Ping Tung Long' H UT
'Ping Tung Long' is an Asian heirloom from Taiwan producing shiny, slender, dark lavender fruit. Fruit are 30 cm x 4 cm. Sweet and tender, it does not require peeling. High yielding, each plant produces 20 or more fruit. Plants are sturdy and disease resistant. Good choice too for cooler climates with a short growing season. Days to harvest: 75.
SE126 approx. 80 seeds
SE127 approx. 1000 seeds
Eggplant 'Rosa Bianca'
Very attractive squat, pear-shaped fruit, 10 - 15 cm in length, coloured with shades of soft lavender and white. This Italian heirloom yields well and has a superbly flavoured creamy flesh. Days to harvest: 68 - 84.
SE104 approx. 80 seeds
SE122 approx. 1000 seeds
Eggplant 'Turkish Orange' UT
'Turkish Orange' is a beautiful heirloom eggplant from Turkey. Fruit is very ornamental, round in shape to 7.5cm, with a brilliant orange colour and green striping. It is best eaten when just turning orange. Flavour is rich and sweet, excellent for stuffing. Hardy, vigorous plants produce 15 to 25 fruit each. Days to harvest: 65 - 85.
SE137 approx. 80 seeds
SE138 approx. 1000 seeds
Eggplant 'Violet of Florence' UT
syn. 'Violette di Firenze'
A very attractive Italian heirloom. It produces large, heavy, 12.5 cm round fruit brilliantly coloured violet, shading to white around the calyx. It yields well on stocky plants. The mild, white flesh is not at all bitter and is famous for its flavour. Days to harvest: 85.
SE129 approx. 80 seeds
SE130 approx. 1000 seeds
Endive 'Pancalieri Fine Cut'
Cichorium endivia
Endive 'Pancalieri Fine Cut' has attractive, finely cut, dark green leaves with crisp ribs and a creamy white heart. It adds a mild, nutty flavour to salads. Endive is a close relative to chicory and grows in much the same way. It is a useful cool season crop to add interest to winter salads. It is also an excellent year round 'baby leaf' or microgreen and it can be sprouted. Sow late summer to autumn, directly where they are to grow.
SE111 approx. 150 seeds
Fennel 'Bronze'
Foeniculum vulgare 'Purpurascens'
Bronze fennel has gorgeous, feathery, reddish-bronze leaves. It is very attractive used as a foliage plant at the back of flower and herb beds. The leaves can be used as a garnish; the seeds have a range of culinary uses. The flowers are highly attractive to beneficial insects. This is a different plant to the weedy fennel found along roadsides but still has some weed potential in cooler areas. Fennel germinates best at 15 - 25C soil temperature. Sow in temperate areas from late summer to autumn; in subtropical areas in autumn, March - May. It is unlikely to do well in tropical areas.
SF112 approx. 250 seeds
Florence Fennel
Foeniculum vulgare azoricum
syn. Finocchio
Florence Fennel is a gourmet vegetable; use it in salads, stews, fish dishes or baked. The leaves can be used as a garnish; the flowers are highly attractive to beneficial insects. This is a different plant to the weedy fennel found along roadsides. Fennel is a cool season annual, the plant height is 45 - 60 cm. Seed germinates best at 15 - 25C in 10 - 14 days. Sow in temperate areas in late summer, autumn. Sow in subtropical areas in autumn. It is unlikely to do well in the tropics. Sow seed 5 - 10 mm deep, direct into a garden bed. It requires full sun and a fertile well-drained soil pH 5.5 - 7. Plant rows 45 cm apart; with 25 cm between plants. Keeping moisture constant will help to avoid bolting. As the bulbs swell, hill the soil around them. Avoid cross-pollination in future seed crops by not planting dill or weedy fennel at the same time.
Florence Fennel 'Romanesco'
'Romanesco' is a late maturing, Italian variety producing large, round, snow-white bulbs with good resistance to bolting. It is very sweet and aromatic. It requires consistent moisture levels. Days to harvest: 80 - 90.
SF103 approx. 250 seeds
Serpent Gourd H UT
Trichosanthes cucumerina var. anguina
syn. snake gourd, chichinga, padwal
Serpent Gourd is sometimes confused with Guada Gourd syn. New Guinea Bean but it is a completely different plant. It is widely grown as a vegetable in India and southeast Asia. It is a fast growing, subtropical plant with a growth habit similar to luffa. It is best to grow this vine on a trellis to obtain straight fruit.
SS166 approx. 9 seeds
organically certified with ACO Australian Certified Organic
UT untreated; no chemical fungicide, insecticide or rodenticide
edible flower petals to add colour, flavour and nutrition to meals
H suitable for hot and humid growing conditions
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