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Parsnip   Asparagus Pea   Pea  
Pastinaca sativa
Parsnips have been cultivated in Europe for over 500 years. It is a nutritious root vegetable with a sweet nut-like flavour. Use parsnips like carrots, in soups and stews, or steamed or baked. The roots become sweeter after exposure to frost. Parsnips will yield heavily in well prepared soil. In cool areas sow in spring and early summer for an autumn, early winter harvest. In warm areas sow early autumn. Germination can be slow in very cold soils, preferred germination temperature is 10 - 20°C.
Parsnip 'Guernsey'
'Guernsey' is a French heirloom parsnip; it is a nutritious root vegetable with a sweet nut-like flavour. Roots are long, very smooth and tapered 30 cm. Use in soups and stews, or steamed or baked. The roots become sweeter after exposure to frost.
SP137 approx. 100 seeds
Parsnip 'Harris Model'
'Harris Model' has a long, very smooth. tapered root to 30 cm, with a shoulder 8 - 9 cm wide. It is a nutritious root vegetable with a sweet nut-like flavour. Use in soups and stews, steamed or baked. The roots become sweeter after exposure to frost. Seed has only a short viability so should not be stored for long.
SP210 approx. 100 seeds
Asparagus Pea
Lotus tetragonolobus Syn. Tetragonolobus purpureus
Syn. Winged Pea.
Heirloom vegetable from the 16th century; attractive with pretty red flowers and edible fluted pods. This is a gourmet delight, having a flavour described as a cross between the freshest of garden peas and tender, early asparagus. Steam the young pods lightly. The roasted seed is used as a coffee substitute. Days to harvest: 56 - 77; pick very young pods, less than 2.5 - 5 cm long, older pods turn fibrous
SA130 approx. 10 seeds
Not to TAS
Pisum sativum
Sow peas spring in cold areas, late summer to autumn in warm areas. Peas do best between 13°-18°C, a frost will damage the flowers. To reduce fungal problems, try to avoid planting before periods of high humidity and avoid getting water on the leaves. Grow in full sun in a sheltered position. Direct sow 3-5 cm deep, space 7.5 cm apart. Lightly mulch seed rows to prevent crusting. Water well once after sowing and then do not water again until seedlings appear. Peas dislike acidity, so lime if necessary. Prepare soil with compost before sowing; practice crop rotation to avoid disease build-up.
All pea seed that is not organically certified is supplied as untreated seed.
Are you looking for pea seed for sprouting?
Snowpea / Mangetout Types
The whole flat, crispy pod is eaten in salads and stirfries.
Snowpea 'Melting Mammoth'
Not to TAS
Vigorous climber to 2m, heavy cropper, delicious flavour, white flower.
SP157 approx. 80 seeds
Snowpea 'Yakumo'
Not to TAS
'Yakumo' is a climbing, purple flowered snow pea with large flat, light green pods, 13 cm long, that do not cup.
SP138 approx. 80 seeds
Snowpea 'Oregon Sugar'
Not to TAS
Snowpea bush type to 70cm, that is disease resistant and heavy cropping. Pods are 11 cm long, crisp, tender, full of flavour and great in stirfries. Days to harvest: 60 - 70.
SP160 approx. 80 seeds
Sugarsnap Types
Useful vegetable with no waste as the pods are sweet and crunchy.
Pea Sugarsnap 'Sugar Ann'
Not to TAS
Sugar Ann is a bush pea to 60 cm high. It has succulent edible pale-green pods, 7.6 cm long. It is the sweetest of the sugarsnaps and very productive. Days to harvest: 58.
SP204 approx. 80 seeds
Pea Sugarsnap 'Cascadia'
Not to TAS
A climbing pea to 110 cm, with thick, juicy, edible pale-green pods, 6 - 7 cm long; sweet and flavourful. It is very productive and resistant to powdery mildew. Days to harvest: 58 - 65.
SP207 approx. 80 seeds
Pea Sugarsnap 'Climbing' Organically certified
Not to TAS
This delicious, stringless pea with a sweet, juicy edible pod is easily our favourite pea! A vigorous climber to 2m, it needs a trellis. Days to harvest: 65.
SP188 approx. 80 seeds
Shelling / Podding Types
The sweetest of all vegetables when picked young.
Pea 'Telephone'
Not to TAS
'Telephone' syn. Alderman is an heirloom shelling pea with large pods that grows as a climber to 1.8m, so requires a trellis.
SP191 approx. 80 seeds
Pea 'Greenfeast'
Not to TAS
Greenfeast syn. Lincoln is a heavy bearing bush shelling pea to 1m, hardy and disease resistant. It is good for home gardeners as it harvests over a longer period than Massey Gem.
SP225 approx. 80 seeds
Seed to WA: A $4.00 Quarantine Fee will be charged for all seed orders to WA. Green Harvest is sharing the cost of the new quarantine fee with all our WA customers. Read more...
All organic seeds are clearly marked Organically certified. All Green Harvest seed is untreated (UT), whether organically certified or not; no chemical treatments are ever used. If both an untreated and organically certified seed of the same type is available, each product is labelled individually. More information about our seeds.
Watch for this symbol: - blossoms and petals from these plants can add extra colour, flavour and nutrition to meals.
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Asian and Tropical Vegetables For Hot Wet Summers
If you are challenged by pest and disease problems in your vegetable garden during hot, humid summers, don’t give up! Green Harvest offers a range of vegetables, grown around the world in subtropical and tropical areas, that we have found to be hardy and reliable to the weather extremes of high temperature and humidity experienced in the ‘wet season’. As a general rule sow these vegetables from October through to March, to replace more temperate varieties. Seeds suitable for subtropical and tropical conditions are marked H for hot and humid!

Part of the problem is gardening books written by authors from cooler areas neglecting to give good advice on plant selection for northern areas of Australia. We recommend the books The Seed Savers Handbook or Organic Vegetable Gardening for the best information on subtropical vegetables.

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