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Welcome to your comprehensive Australian source of organic gardening supplies. We want to encourage the growing of food within our communities, our schools and our gardens.

Organic Seeds
Herbs, flowers, vegetable, cover-crops, green manures, fruit trees, shrubs and vines.
Edible Plants
Green Harvest specialises in a range of rare, perennial food plants for Australian gardeners. Now is a great time to plant cassava and sweet potatoes.

Pest Control
We bring to you the safest, least toxic, proven organic solutions to pest problems in the garden or home.
We use our expertise as organic gardeners and horticulturalists to pre-select for you the best books on any topic.
Tools, Propagation and Fertiliser
Buying quality tools makes good ecological and economic sense.
Sprouts and Microgreens
Here you can find everything you need to grow sprouts and microgreens.
Poultry Supplies
Equipment, forage seeds, feed supplements and books that will make poultry keeping easier.
We all like a bargain, this is where you can browse our specials, kits and reduced sale items.

Coming Soon
Edible Plants: Sweet Potatoes
Pests: Fruit Fly, Codling Moths and Citrus Pests.
Brisbane Organic Growers Inc Organic Fair
Sunday 12 Oct 9am - 3pm. 102 McDonald Road, Windsor (near Albion Railway Station)
  • free gardening advice and talks
  • herbs, books, chooks and seedlings
  • jams, tools, fruit trees, food and drinks
Phone: 0403065107
  • free animal nursery
  • no pets please


ABC Organic Gardener
Patch from Scratch - we are a sponsor of this competition.

Hill Top Farm
October 17-21: Getting to the heart of Permaculture Design - Far North Queensland
Available now for planting: Asparagus Crowns, Seed Potatoes and Gingers.
Spring Green Notes
Delicious, Home-Grown Asparagus
Dedicate a garden bed to asparagus and be rewarded with delicious spears for up to 20 years! The sweetness of a freshly-picked, crunchy, home-grown asparagus spear is a taste sensation. An easy to grow, long-lived plant, it thrives in a wide climatic range, from temperate, through to maritime and subtropical zones. Asparagus is a member of the lily family - the delicious spears are the new stems emerging in spring. The plants respond well to good drainage and lots of feeding. Two-year-old crowns will give you a few spears within months. Information on growing asparagus.

Perennial edibles add sustainability to your garden and interest to your cooking: try Yacon, the Peruvian Ground Apple; gourmet potatoes; Ginger; Turmeric - for its health giving properties; Galangal - the Thai Ginger; Australian full-flavoured Garlic (Italian White, Glen Large, Purple Monaro); Horseradish; Asparagus; Strawberries; Jerusalem Artichokes; Lemongrass for cooking and mulching; Rhubarb - for those yummy winter desserts; true Shallots; edible water plants (Waterchestnuts, Arrowhead and more). We have a 100% guarantee for all our plants.
View Spring Green Notes
Thank you for such prompt action on my first order with your company. May I also say how pleased I am to receive all the information you forwarded. It was a tremendous help, and certainly needed by someone who is new to gardening, as I am. Again, thank you to everyone associated with selecting, packaging, and posting my order. It is a delight to find an efficient, caring group of people who excel at their job.
Jeannette of Woodridge QLD

Cera Trap
For the attraction and mass trapping of Queensland (Qld) and Mediterranean (Med) male and female fruit fly.

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Organic Vegetable Gardening
New Edition
From Amaranth to Zucchini, Annette McFarlane provides an authoritative and comprehensive guide to growing organic vegetables as well as mushrooms, edible weeds and flowers.

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