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Dipel   EcoGrub   Insect Hotel  
DIPEL/Bt/Caterpillar control
A pest control mainstay for organic growers worldwide. Dipel contains Bacillus thuringiensis, or Bt for short, it is highly effective and selective against most species of caterpillars including lawn armyworm syn. lawn grub (EcoGrub and Eco-Neem is also good for this), cotton bollworm, cabbage moth, cabbage white butterfly, green looper, lightbrown apple moth, pear looper, vine moth, soybean looper and tobacco looper. This biological control is a bacterial stomach poison for all caterpillars, which is mixed with water and sprayed onto foliage. It must be ingested by the actively feeding caterpillar as it is not a contact spray, which dies 3-5 days later. It is totally safe to beneficial insects, bees, and mammals. Bt is broken down by sunlight within a few days, so repeated applications may be necessary. Nature's Way Caterpillar Killer supplied as 1 carton containing 5 packs of 10g with each 10g making up to 10L of spray. Material Safety Data Sheet

PB145 minimum 3 per order
The active insecticidal constituents you may already use around the home: 10g/L Eucalyptus Oil, 2.5g/L Tea Tree Oil are combined with fertiliser and a wetting agent; use it to control Lawn Grubs - also known as Lawn Army Worm and African Black Beetle - in your lawn and garden beds. The fertiliser promotes healthy growth of your lawn once the pest is killed. The wetting agent aids in penetration of the soil to enable the products to reach the grubs. Leaves no harmful residue. Measuring cap included. Material Safety Data Sheet
PB153 minimum 5 per order

1 L EcoGrub Concentrate makes up to 21 L of spray and covers 50 m as a control of Lawn Armyworm or 8 m as a control of African Black Beetle.
Insect Hotel
This dual room Insect Hotel has a 5 star rating for attracting, housing and sheltering beneficial insects in your garden. Made from high resin content fir, it has a gabled roof for protection from rain. A variety of bamboo tube sizes for nesting of solitary native bees is tucked into the penthouse suite, while the lower levels allow for entry by ladybirds, lacewings and native wasps. Site your Hotel by its hanging bracket in a sheltered position from ground level up to 2 metres, facing east to north east to catch the morning sun. Do not site under shaded tree canopies. Paint, stain or varnish the timber to create a lovely garden feature and extend its estimated 3 year life. Dimensions: H 270 mm x W 190 mm x D 130 mm.
PB166 minimum 3 per order
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Meets National Organic Standards - products with either ingredients permitted for use in organic farms or acceptable cultural strategies for pest control. This standard is detailed in the Australian Certified Organic Standard (ACOS) 2010 as defined by Standards Australia. Organic growers should always check with their own certifying organisation for the acceptability of any product.
Australia and International Organic Certification
OG Organic Certification for Australia
FG Food Grade
UT Untreated Seed or Plant
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